marry me.

“marry me.”

“…is that a question?”

“yes. it’s a legitimate question.”

“why would you ask now?”

“because i want to know.”

“but why? why the rush?”

“because i need to know. if it was just you and me, and nobody else, and money didn’t matter, and we could have a nicely-sized wedding that showcased what young love was, and you could spend the rest of your life with me… would you?”

“i suppose i would, yes.”

“you suppose?”

“is that not the right word?”

“love, and marriage, is supposed to be about passion! it’s a life-long commitment, and you’re saying you ‘suppose!’”

“i don’t ‘suppose’, i know what i want. i want you, i want to be able to kiss your lips every day and hold your hand in mine all the time, and i want to wake up next to you in the morning… but i don’t want to rush into this. i want it to bloom into something truly beautiful; something that will stand the test of time.”

“but i don’t see the need to plan when we have passion and love and time on our side right now. why worry about things like that when you can go and fall in love with the stars every night together? why would i wait for another minute when you could be mine right now?”

“because true love waits. it waits to make sure it’s true love before it promises forever. you know about promises. you told me once, i remember because your eyes were the greenest i have ever seen them, that you never, ever made a promise you weren’t sure you could keep.”

“i suppose you’re right…”

“but my answer, right now, is yes.”